I walked alone …


I walked alone one evening,

I wished you were there.

The moon was there alone too,

She wished you were there.

So we both made this wish,

As we walked along together.

The moon and I,

Together, yet alone…Image







Even the fish in the ocean get caught the same way the fish in the ponds get caught… bait and hook in the hands of a fisherman…

Unending Love, Amazing Grace

Unending Love, Amazing Grace

 How many times have I fallen

How many times have I said I am sorry

How many times have I let Him Down

How many times have I followed the flow

Can He still care?

Does He still hear me?

I feel the assurance still… The assurance that He still cares

Unending Love, Amazing Grace!

Can this get any better?

Yes, in His presence things get better day by day

Although I face challenges that the world throws on me

Life just gets better as I realize that He is forever faithful

He cares forever, Amazing Grace, what more can I say!

Why do I still run away when I know how much he cares?

Why do I still fall when I know he has already overcome?

Why does my faith rise and fall with the circumstances around me?

I am overwhelmed; He still cares no matter what I do

I am His, not because of who I am, but because he cares,

Indeed, Forever I am safe,

Unending Love, Amazing Grace.

May I always follow you

Help me to stay Faithful Lord…

Faithful to your Unending love, Amazing grace.

Random Thoughts as I begin another day

Every day is a new day,

Every dawn there’s a new sunrise…


Each day we need to begin afresh and with God because the day belongs to God. He made the day for us to live in. The Psalmist says, this is the day that the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it. When we acknowledge that God has made the day and is in control, no matter what, we will be glad and rejoice in it because we know that everything is under control (I hope).

When we come to God it is necessary that we come before Him with fear and trembling because he is Holy and we are not. Yet we can approach his throne of mercy and grace with confidence because it is a throne of Mercy and Grace. It is God who in his mercy and because of his grace had sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the world, for my sins, for your sins.

Approaching God has been made Possible through Jesus. We just have to put our faith and trust in Him. It is not easy to put our faith and trust in anyone, but I am sure we can trust someone who declares his love for us by going through the worst possible pain and suffering on our behalf. By His wounds we are healed. He has done so much for us, is there anything that we can do to repay Him? I guess not, yet we can put an effort to live according to his will according to the way he wants us to. Living a Holy and blameless life. Again, this is tough, but again, His grace is sufficient for us. He has promised that he will be with us and just as he has washed away our sins, He will also enable us to overcome all temptations that may come our way.

Fighting the sins and temptations our way does not work. As human beings we have our limits, yet placing them at the feet of Jesus works since he is God and He has no limits.

Therefore, as we begin each day of our life, what better way than to submit ourselves to God and ask Him to enable us to live Holy and blameless lives! And every step of the day we need to be reminded that we are his child and that he is holding our hands. Whether we work, or play, relax or exercise, stay alone or meet with friends, read The Word or watch movies, sing or listen to singing, cooking or eating, through laughter and sorrow, joy or pain, offline or online, every time and everywhere lets be aware of the presence of God and be confident that He knows what is best for us.

God’s love is indeed limitless, may we forever abide in His unfailing love.

Help me Lord to begin each day with You. Help me to lay everything at your feet each day of my life. Help me to empty myself at your feet every day.

Christmas… gone already?

Jesus the Reason for the Season


The other day my pastor asked the question, “Who is the first to celebrate Christmas every year?” The answer he gave was “the business community!” I guess he was quite right in pointing that out to us. Indeed the shops had Christmas lights and decorations by the last week of November. That means they would have been planning about it much earlier. Those companies that produce stuffs to sell during Christmas must have been designing and planning from the very beginning of the year. Indeed they must be really looking forward to the season since it’s a time where they have bumper sales.

When did we start planning for Christmas? What is our reason for looking forward to Christmas? Do we have reason that is better than the shopkeepers? If we do have a good reason have we been planning for Christmas before the business community?

Indeed there are many reasons for us to look forward to this festive season. The celebration itself is something to look forward to. After all it’s a festival! A festival that calls for feasting, merry making, being with family and friends, giving and receiving gifts, new clothes, carols, etc. I am also sure many of us, rather, almost everyone is aware that it is the season to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. Yet, I wonder how many people believe that Jesus Christ came to save the world from sin, that He was the only begotten Son of God who was born of the Virgin Mary, lived a blameless life, died on the cross and rose again on the Third day. This is actually what makes Christmas worth celebrating.

However, it is indeed sad that merry making has almost covered the meaning of Christmas. The baby has often been left in the Manger and celebrations have been going on without the baby in sight. Most people also do not care since they are having a good time. Sadly, such celebrations do not have any significance. It just becomes a time for spending and making oneself happy. How long does such happiness last? Not for a long time I am sure. Maybe it lasts just for that moment and then it’s gone. A new source of happiness needs to be paid for again. Of course many would not mind the price as long as they get the happiness they are looking for!

Can I say it is actually foolish to be paying for something that is freely available? Well, if the true meaning of Christmas was grasped by one and all, there would be true peace; true happiness that lasts even after the season is gone. In fact it would last forever! But we have failed to find this true meaning.

How shallow can we get? I do believe in enjoying life and I am sure everyone would like to ‘enjoy life’. Shouldn’t we give this thought some thought? A little bit of reasoning would be enough to convince ourselves that we want to truly be happy always, that considering Christ Jesus, the reason for the season is indeed the source of true happiness. Such a realization would immensely increase our Joy in celebrating this season.

The fun and frolic is great! Wouldn’t it be greater if we know why we have such fun and that this fun is not temporary but available to all? That this experience is possible everyday of our lives?

Christmas is indeed the season to remind us that God loves the world so much that He sent Jesus, his only begotten son who would open the way for all who believe in him to live one day with him in paradise.

May this season be such a season that brings me closer to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Everyday of your life!!!

Light to my Path

Psalms 119: 105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

It is interesting to note that the scriptures serve as a light to our path. The scripture shows us what obstacles lay on our way and enables us to discern the best way to be taken.

The scripture lights our path. We therefore need to have the scriptures with us. At the same time, our focus is on the path not on the lamp. While being sure that our lamp is fitted and working, we need to look on the road that we are moving on. If we just look at the lamp, we may stumble and fall because we have stopped looking at the road we are taking. God’s word is there to show us the way ahead of us and so we look on to the path ahead of us with the light of the scriptures, with God’s word. Many times we tend to just look on at the word without looking at what lies in our path. We lose focus on the path we are taking and hold up our lamps to no avail since rather than giving us direction, it blinds our eyes.

I guess there is a lesson here for us to be practical in the things that we do; to weigh out the situation in front of us through the eyes of the scriptures. Many Christians today have failed to look at the way and have been blinded by the light, just looking at the lamp rather than the path that is to be taken.

May God grant us wisdom to look at the path ahead and move on the right path illuminated by the word of God which is our lamp that will never fail to light our way.

(Inspired by Albert M. Wolters: Creation Regained – “miners working in an unlighted underground mine shaft cannot do their work without the lamp fitted to their helmets; they are helpless without it and therefore must take great care to see that it functions properly. Yet their attention while they work is turned to the rockface not to the lamp. The lamp serves to illuminate the environment in which they are called to work, to enable them to discern the nature of what lies before them: earth and rock, ore and gangue.”)

My new university life…. so far

Anxious hours they were indeed as I waited for my journey to begin. The longest flight I have ever taken, destination – ICN South Korea – awaited me. As I sat in the Airbus and the minutes dragged along, and friends messaged me ‘Safe Journey!’ I thought of what lay ahead…

Take off scheduled close to midnight, I was flying out, into the unknown – A new adventure had begun!

The Airbus was smooth – unlike the smaller planes that keeps you constantly in touch with God! Praying until it lands! – The night will be long I told myself and I looked around for stuff to keep me busy. I surfed through the songs available… couldn’t find one to my liking, then I surfed the movies and selected the one about Facebook – thinking that I should watch it since I use it quite often. However I dozed off every now and then.

As the night slowly made way for daylight, the plane landed in Hong Kong. I didn’t think of looking outside (which I regretted later; it was foggy though) and I dozed off again as flight attendants went about their duties.

In an hour we were back in the sky. Next stop ICN Airport, my destination. I began thinking again of what this new place would be like? Would I fit in? “Of course you will fit in” I told myself. God has led me thus far and has always shown me green pastures and quiet waters, this time should be no different I thought… yet I was uncertain, not really at ease.

The landing was smooth and I flowed with the crowd as I proceeded to pick up my luggage. My friend Samuel and Pastor Rev. Choi Han Zu were there to receive me at the airport. As I walked through the airport I was thinking of the many things I had to say and thank them for all the trouble they had taken to enable me to come to Korea and pursue my studies and even take the trouble of receiving me at the Airport. As these thoughts went through my mind I saw them at the gate. There, I had my first taste of Korean hospitality as Pastor Choi gave me a welcome hug – never knew a warm hug could ease all tensions – and asked me whether I had a good flight, the many things I had in mind just vanished and bad as I am with words, all I could say was, “yes, thank you so much” but I did mean it with all my heart.

We then walked to the parking lot “my new country for the next year or so” I thought as the cold 5ºC winds welcomed me! Once we were in the car it was warm again and I wondered how my doubts and uncertainties about this new place could fizzle away with just a warm hug and a word of welcome from a Pastor I hardly knew! That was indeed the beginning of many pleasant experiences that lay ahead as I began my stay at Kosin University.

The saying “there are no strangers here, only friends you have not met” was so true as Sunny from the International Office picked me up at Busan Station and introduced me to Paul the KUFSA (Kosin University Foreign Students Association) president, who introduced me to life at Kosin and then one by one I met new friends as days went by.

It has been just about two months and some twenty days and I am still new to many things, yet I can say “God has been faithful thus far!” He has prepared such a beautiful University with wonderful people who are building me up in all aspects of my life. Dawn prayer and Evening prayer fellowships have kept me going and has never failed to lift up my spirits whenever I was in need. Indeed God’s grace is just everywhere and always available; we just have to reach out in faith and receive it.

The family of God is such a wonderful family. There is no boundary and no restrictions. Even in this foreign land I can sing “I Love this family of God” with my whole heart as I find my brothers and sisters in Christ in a land far away from where I thought I left my family.

May this family of God continue to grow and fill the whole earth as we live on in faith and look forward to that glorious day. To God Be the Glory!